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Ambrosius Exhibition Design and Building (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

AMBROSIUS, started in Frankfurt, Germany in 1872, is one of the leading internationally renowned suppliers in the exhibition construction industry. Ambrosius China, settled in Shanghai in 2004, has also become a very powerful and excellent brand in the past two decades, with the vigorous development of China's exhibition industry.

Inheriting the high-quality tradition of Germany, Ambrose China is well-known for its "high-quality and professionalism". It has continued to serve high-end automobile manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, Maserati, and Volvo for years. It is recently winning the good reputation among chemical industry giants, such as Schaeffler, LANXESS, Pirelli and so on.

“German quality, made in China” was, is and is to be the implementation philosophy of Ambrosius China.