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ACME EXHIBITION CO., LTD. (ACME) is a versatile exhibition service provider with expertise in planning and designing, installation and management, operation and publicity. ACME has been providing one-stop services to governments and leading brands in China across the world, covering museum planning and design, interactive media and innovative design, exhibition and show design and execution, and branding campaigns. 

We have been designed and assembled:

 the 3rd CIIE booths for Barker Hughes,, Tu Simple in 2020;

 the first CIIE booth for Rinnai in 2018; 

AWE booths for TCL, AUCMA  of nearly  4,000sqm. in 2021; 

AWE booths for AUX, Rinnai, VIOMI, AUCMA, TOPBAND and Little Swan in 2019; 

Buama China booths for SDLD, SHANTUI, LOVOL of over 10,000 sqm. in 2018. 

ACME has always been holding "Brand Oriented · Deliverling Strength" as our core values. "Speaking with Works · Sparkling with Creative Ideas" as our design concept and "Personal Expertise Pools to be the Glory of the Team" as our view toward working. ACME has been striving to be one of the most competent leaders in the global exhibition and display industry and a powerful chain from planning, designing, installation to operational maintenance, ACME will continue to to its part in global art & design with its unique design philosophy, extraordinary creative performance and professional executive capability.