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Shandong xizhan exhibition service co., LTD.

With the continuous improvement of the level of economic globalization and the deepening of mutual cooperation between countries, the exhibition industry plays an increasingly important role in the national economic development, thus becoming the name card of the city and the synonym of the urban economic booster. As an emerging market of exhibition industry, asia-pacific region will usher in rapid growth. Shandong xizhan exhibition service co., LTD., riding the tide of times change, connects directly with the global economy with highly specialized service and communication.

Since its establishment in 2008, Shanghai branch has been practicing the enterprise concept of "advocating innovation, efficient and professional, demanding for details", bringing together professional design teams and exhibition planning elites to provide various services tailored to various enterprises and institutions to show enterprise characteristics and connotation. At the same time, the company has a professional production workshop, professional construction team, strict control of project quality, and in major cities across the country have a cooperative factory, to achieve the field production of all over the country.

Decoration engineering department, from the early decoration design, decoration material selection, to decoration construction, post-maintenance and maintenance, its high level of professional design and high quality production and installation standards, won the praise and trust of customers. The exhibition service department, with the lowest cost, the best design, the best effect, has become the designated exhibition construction provider and home service provider of many large-scale exhibitions. The advertising planning department has gathered a group of high-quality professionals to create the best exclusive design and production programs for customers.

Xizhan, takes the exhibition as an opportunity, takes design as a bright spot, takes implementation as a guarantee, based on professional services, takes "providing customers with the best quality service" as the enterprise mission, will love the industry and passion for the future into every job, so that every design becomes a benchmark, so that every work becomes a classic.