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Shanghai Chidu Exhibition Service Co., Ltd

Chidu  Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. is 2018,  2019, 2020, 2021 Four consecutive terms  China international import expo special decoration construction  designated service providers, is a unique temperament and extremely  innovative strength of the professional company, founded on August 13, 2007,  the management team is composed of senior experts in the industry, has a  registered capital of RMB10 million, provide one-stop exhibition marketing  professional services around the world, and sincerely provide professional  services with more competitive idea as the core driving force!
   Chidu Exhibition has the Grade I  qualification for exhibits display engineering design and construction of  Chinese exhibition economy research association, the Grade II qualification  for exhibits display engineering design and construction integration under  the China association of museum, has won the 2019 -2020 China exhibits  display engineering enterprise green award, and is one of the 2019-2020 China  top ten exhibition engineering enterprises.  
   Chidu Exhibition serves many of  the world's top 500 companies and other well-known brands. For example; 3M,  Facebook, ASML, Canon, Rinnai, Bayer,Zeiss,Dow,Lafarge Holcim, Microsoft And  Boeing, Schneider, Philips, Coca-Cola, GE, Budweiser, Siemens,,Nuskin,Heinz,  Europe To Jas, Volkswagen, Lam, Seagate, Olympus, Sino-Us Intercontinental,  Helicopters, Bosch, Mitsubishi, Tesla, Seagate, Aavi,Multipure,Smith, KUKA,  Cloos, Mazars,Zhengda Group, Cofco,,Ldc, Product Cuhk Group, China Xd  Group,GoodBaby, etc.
   Chidu Exhibition will  wholeheartedly provide more creative design, more experienced production  exhibition layout and stronger project execution for the 4th China  International Import Expo exhibitors, provide partners with more professional  quality services, create the greatest value, create a win-win situation.  Welcome to the success of cooperation in good news! Please visit our website for more details.