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Shanghai Toom Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Shanghai  Toom Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. (Toom Exhibition), headquartered in  Shanghai, China, has provided global exhibition services for tens of  thousands of exhibitors under the concept of “more professional in global  exhibition” since its establishment and received wide praises. With  self-built factories or joint-owned factories in Shanghai (China), Germany  (Europe), Las Vegas (the United States), New Delhi (India), Singapore and  other countries and regions, we have a strong comprehensive ability to  integrate global booth design, production and exhibition service  resources!
  Toom Exhibition, as a recommended service provider of China International  Import Expo (CIIE 2021), the world trade stage, will serve the global  exhibitors with unique and innovative design concepts, safe and practical  design solutions, and excellent project management experience so as to show  our corporate brand and image featuring high quality and standard.