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DEMAGE INTERNATIONAL MESSE LTD is a professional display service company dedicated to global creative brand marketing, and it provides design, construction, operation management, multimedia services such as VR, AR technologies and other services. With customized design as its core, DEMAGE has built major comprehensive urban cultural projects, empowered full-range development of urban cultural industries, activated brands and culture in an all-round way, and created four major sections of display, experience, industries and operation through urban cultural complexes. It has redefined the cultural creativity of urban themes and promoted the high-quality development of the exhibition economy. With its successful delivery in countries along the Belt and Road, it has bridged cooperation between China and the rest of the world. DEMAGE has a global presence with a number of highly qualified personnel based in Germany, the United States and China. It has also established service outlets in more than 42 countries and 188 regions such as Germany, France, Spain, the United States, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Russia, Brazil, South Africa, China, India, Singapore, Japan and Australia so as to provide clients with globally integrated comprehensive display solutions. At the first edition of CIIE in 2018, DEMAGE successfully offered services to several countries' pavilions and approx. 40 company booths (such as Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Ukraine, Israel, Hanergy, Merck, Sinar Mas Group APP, Fujifilm, etc.), and was well received.