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The  pioneer in China's exhibition industry Since its establishment in 2000,  SUNSHINE has been committed to providing integrated solutions for  exhibitions, planning halls, museums, memorial halls, city exhibition halls,  cultural centers, libraries, science and technology museums, theme pavilions,  companies' and public institutions' showrooms, and property sales centers.  Over the past 20 years of constant devotion and practice, SUNSHINE has  established branches in various provinces and cities around China, and  obtained a number of professional qualifications. It has a senior team  consisting of more than 70 professionals that have delivered hundreds of  large projects. To date, the company has managed to carry out businesses in  more than ten provinces and municipalities while its services are available  around the country. With a pragmatic and steady business strategy, the  company adheres to the business philosophy of "pursuit of excellent  quality" based on its strategic advantage in talents, aimed to provide  clients with international, artistic, process-oriented and profitable  value-added creative services. 20 years of glory, practice and endeavor.  Founded in 2000, SUNSHINE is a "diversified" comprehensive  exhibition service provider. Its businesses include exhibition planning,  investment attraction and exhibition organization, construction, venue  service and convention organization, and turkey solutions that integrate  planning, design, production, installation and R&D. It is one of the very  few authentic "all-in-one" service provider without outsourcing.  Based on the principle of "Intelligent classic manufacturing and pursuit  of excellence", the company is committed to offering the best services, delivering premium projects for clients,  and enabling clients to enjoy the beauty of the exhibition while acquiring  the maximum economic benefit as well as social value.