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Beijing Huazhu Exhibition Co.,Ltd

Beijing Huazhu Exhibition co., Ltd is a leading all-in-one exhibition service provider dedicated to the plan, design and construction of exhibitions, events and conferences. We have developed long-term cooperation with many foreign agencies and international companies from different industries, through which we gained rich experience in business communication, booth design and project execution, and we always adhere to higher industry executive standards.  

Huazhu derives its core competitiveness from the impressive creativeness, efficient execution and meticulous service. All senior creative designer and display designer  designers are from well-known art academies at home and abroad, with in average 8 years experience; our project management members and consultant team have more than 10 years of experience in large-scale project management; the core staff of the engineering department have been engaged in exhibition engineering production since 1988. All members in our team uphold a meticulous work attitude and is full of enthusiasm and sense of responsibility to pursue excellent work results. 

Huazhu has a large-scale production workshop and experienced technicians, it can meet the capacity to pre-build various large-scale exhibition stands and ensure the safe, effective and smooth progress of each project. 

Huazhu is highly professional in all the exhibition process including planning, designing and constructing. It always provides the exhibitors with customized professional, accurate and efficient exhibition solutions, connecting visual arts and marketing theory, scientifically maximizes the awareness and influence of the exhibited brand and ultimately, expand the market share.