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AVIC Huiying (Beijing) Exhibition Co., Ltd, formerly known as AVIC International Exhibition Co., Ltd. which was established in November 18, 1997, is a specialized company undertaking AVIC’s professional aviation exhibitions, events, showrooms, and cultural creative industry. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of AVIC Culture Co., Ltd. (AVIC Cultural Center). In the past 20 years, it has developed into a comprehensive branding communication cultural project management company that provides the military, the government, enterprises and institutions with an integration of overall exhibition planning, program design, visual design, model production, multimedia display, film planning and production, digital media technology research and development, music composition and MV filming, cultural and creative products development, etc.

“The master enjoys golden sound and jade vibration-- said of high moral behavior”. Since its establishment, the company has accumulated extensive experience in large international and domestic exhibitions through the organizing China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition (Zhuhai Airshow), China Helicopter Exposition (Tianjin Helicopter Expo), Aviation Expo/ China, and China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair. For the exhibitions mentioned above, AVIC Huiying (Beijing) Exhibition Co., Ltd was in charge of main exhibition area design, exhibition attraction, constructions, and business and security services. In recent years, it has designed and contracted to build more than 50 exhibition halls of aviation, aerospace, weapons, the military and local governments, and it enjoyed great popularity among clients and the industry. It planned and undertook theme activities such as the World Aviation Centennial Retrospective Exhibition, China Aviation Centennial Retrospective Exhibition, “AVIC Cup” International UAV Innovation Grand Prix, Tianjin Port Helicopter Night, etc. It successfully acts as an agent for exclusive shop market development of the world famous brands such as Sony, and Samsung, and further improves and enhances the brand value and core competitiveness of AVIC Huiying (Beijing) Exhibition Co., Ltd.

AVIC Huiying (Beijing) Exhibition Co., Ltd adheres to the core concept of “infinite creativity, sincere service, sharing and growth”, and it applies “innovation, value, win-win” throughout the whole service cycle. It established Integrated Management Department, Exhibition Marketing Department, Planning and Design Department, and Project Department with a consultant team consisting of well-known experts and scholars within the industry. And it has formed a scientific and dynamic supplier management system. It possesses more than 10 qualifications including accredited certification of ISO9001 international quality management system, military confidential consulting services accreditation, Beijing design and construction of integrated secondary qualifications, etc. It is committed to providing customers with beyond-expectation value of service, and dedicated to develop into an ambitious, powerful, cordial, and dignified specialized company.