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Beijing Diaoyutai Conference and Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Beijing Diaoyutai Conference and Exhibition Co., Ltd. certified by ISO9001 quality management system, dedicates to provide a full range of professional services for exhibitions and relevant side events.

We have been providing exhibition-related services to many well-known enterprises at home and abroad, involving the internet, new energy, transportation, banking, cultural communication and other fields. Also we provided designing and construction service for China National Exhibitions in Russia, Brazil, Egypt and other countries.

We focus on providing one-stop integrated solutions for exhibitions, including creative designing for the exhibition space, engineering supervision and management, on-site construction, equipment supplying, on-site service and other standardized services. As well as the side events of exhibitions, registration management, state-level reception, operation management and butler-style team supporting services in the exhibition city. 

We are ready to offer special exhibitions, customizing for exhibition space and articles, or articles displaying for regular exhibition space. Customized plan with brand culture and exhibition targets is considered. Advanced methods of displaying and interacting are used. Space design and graphic design are blended. Green concepts are contained. A space to experience and broadcast your brand is built, with various means. 

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