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Liso Exhibition (Shanghai) Service Co., Ltd.

Liso Exhibition (Shanghai) Service Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Liso Expo Group, which is a brand marketing enterprise focusing  on one-stop service for the entire industry chain of global exhibitions. It is the first batch of key contacts in the exhibition industry of  the Ministry of Commerce of China Exterprises, and mainly supported exhibition enterprises by All-China Federation of Industry and  Commerce. 

Since sthe first CIIE held in 2018, Liso, as the designated contractor, has provided high-quality services to pavilions for  countries, such as Italy, India, and Laos., as well as more than 100 companies, such as L'Oreal, Unilever, 3M, AO Smith, Swisse,  Merck, Fosun Group, Mars Group, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, and Jingcheng Holdings, which has been unanimously praised.  And Swisse, Unilever, AO Smith, Lanville and Ausnutria Dairy booths which designed and constructed by Liso won total of 1 gold  award, 2 silver awards, and 2 bronze award in the first three CIIE selection.

 As the official partner organization of the Sports Zone of  the 3rd CIIE, Liso has set up two operation centers in Huangpu and Songjiang District in Shanghai, which can provide faster, more  convenient and better services to participating countries and exhibitors of CIIE. Liso exhibition business covers booth design and  construction, exhibition hall design and construction, exhibition hosting, conference event planning, exhibition home construction and  operation, and other exhibition industry sectors. It has footprints in 36 countries and 157 cities around the world. It serves more than  2,000 Chinese and foreign exhibitors annually. Liso has become a long-term strategic partner of many Fortune 500 companies with  its rich industry experience, top design strength, high-quality engineering and meticulous and comprehensive one-stop service."