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Beijing Unite-Idea Advertising Co., Ltd.

Beijing Unite-Idea Advertising Co., Ltd. (abbreviated: Unite-Idea) is a wholly owned subsidiary of China National Machinery Industry  International Co., Ltd. (abbreviated: SINOMACHINT). It is a professional exhibition company focusing on the whole industry chain services  such as the official operation and management, the main organizer and contractor of the event, exhibition engineering (design and  production of corporation exhibition halls and museums), film and television production, graphic design, advertising agencies and so on. At  present, it is mainly divided into 7 departments including exhibition department, operation department, engineering department, planning  department, film and television department, design department and general affairs department. The total number of employees is nearly 50. At present, the official operation management and special booth construction are the company's main business. The official operation  management is mainly to provide the organizers of the exhibition with the inspection of application documents and design schemes, traffic  management, logistics management, security management, construction and dismantling management, safety supervision management,  etc. In terms of booth construction, the company has been serving many well-known exhibitions at home and abroad for many years, with  an average annual service area of nearly 50,000 square meters. It is the nominated constructor of large-scale exhibitions such as Western  China International Fair, Shanghai International Educational Equipment Expo, China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition. It has  also participated in the special booth construction work of well-known overseas exhibitions such as the French SIMA exhibition and the  German BAUMA exhibition for a long-term cooperation.