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Shanghai Dingshi Exhibition Co. , Ltd. was established in 2009, headquarter is located in Shanghai, the business covers the whole country, the service world famous brand customer 2000. More than 10 years, won a number of honors and qualifications. Including China Exhibition Hall Exhibition Design and Construction Integration of the first-class Qualification, Shanghai Exhibition Industry Association, Shanghai Exhibition Engineering First-class Qualification, ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification, ISO9001 quality management system certification, shanghai integrity to establish enterprises, Shanghai Qingpu District excellent tax-paying enterprises, as well as ZTE, Ali, Yang Liping, Phoenix satellite TV, and many other well-known companies and IP excellent partners. The company aims to solve the pain points in the exhibition industry, in 2020, the company's brand strategy was upgraded to "Dingshi Exhibition New Marketing Agency" . In line with the core essence of "exhibition as a means and transaction as a goal" , the company created the "first impression transaction theorem" to bring maximum value and profit to its partners. Dingshi deep tillage exhibition, Hall of the same time industrial clothing industry. The company has grown in size, and now has incubated "branch culture" , "branch clothing" , "bet darling financial institutions" "Zebra Mang integrated marketing" four companies, to become the industry's leading exhibition and Marketing Communication Integrated Service Companies, respectively to expand public relations activities, integrated marketing, brand management, Internet marketing operations, independent designer brand clothing, exhibition finance and other business sectors. In the consumer demand research, brand positioning, integrated communication, creative interaction in four areas to provide customers with professional and comprehensive brand services. Ding Shi idea: What we do-all is to let your enterprise get more deal in the exhibition! BUSINESS SCOPE: exhibition, public relations activities, commercial space.