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Beijing MITbrand International Exhibition Co., LTD.

MIT is a multinational brand organization that provides high standards of service in 36 countries and territories in Asia, Europe, North America and Africa.

MIT believes that every business has a unique brand story. Telling a good brand story is the core priority of enterprise communication. Our mission is to help every customer, in the dissemination of the interpretation of brand stories, so that customers' brands would more actively face their audience to tell a wonderful story.

MIT has a highly qualified, motivated and passionate young workforce. Our core competitiveness of services includes brand communication, online sightseeing, offline exhibition, with a wide range of professional delivery capabilities.

Our services:

Brand communication – Branding, communication strategy, executive management, marketing research

Online sightseeing - online booths, online showrooms, online factories, sightseeing tours

Offline exhibitions - exhibition planning, global construction, corporate exhibition halls, public environment

In its nearly 20 years of existence, MIT has assisted nearly 500 companies in telling their unique brand stories on the global stage. MIT is not only a reliable partner of mature brands, but also an important driving force for the rapid development of emerging brands. We have a number of government departments and a number of industries experience, including the oil industry, medical industry, equipment manufacturing, aerospace, high-tech products, new energy and other fields.