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CIIE highlights China's commitment to openness Release date: 2023-10-17    Source:China International Import Expo Bureau

Openness is the key phrase that the China International Import Expo has conveyed to the world since its inaugural edition in 2018, as President Xi Jinping has used the opening ceremonies of the expo five years in a row to announce the nation's major measures for opening-up. The Chinese word for "openness" has been mentioned a staggering 132 times in Xi's speeches.

On May 14, 2017, Xi announced at the opening ceremony of the inaugural Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation that China will hold the CIIE starting from 2018.

"The CIIE…is an important decision made by China to pursue a new round of high-level opening-up, and is China's major initiative to still widen market access to the rest of the world," Xi said.

Facing challenges such as a surge in anti-globalization, weak global economic recovery, and the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, the CIIE has remained steadfast in upholding openness. It has served as a platform for international procurement, investment promotion, cultural exchanges, and open cooperation. The CIIE has facilitated connectivity between China and the world in terms of markets, industries, innovation and rules, letting the "spring breeze of openness" bring warmth to an increasingly uncertain and unstable world.

In the previous five expos, companies from 171 countries and regions, including 44 least developed countries, participated in the business exhibition of the CIIE. The cumulative intended transaction value reached nearly $350 billion, demonstrating the allure of China's open market to the world. The country exhibition was attended by 131 countries and international organizations, including 21 least developed countries. The Hongqiao International Economic Forum, focusing on the theme of openness, has contributed Chinese wisdom and solutions to improving global governance.

By Cao Desheng