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German biomedical delegation voices confidence in Chinese market, signaling promising partnership Release date: 2024-07-02    Source:CGTN

A German delegation, comprising scientists and senior executives from leading biomedical and biotechnology companies, embarked on a visit to China on Thursday. The ongoing visit, scheduled from June 27 to July 3, aims to strengthen ties and explore avenues for enhanced cooperation between the two countries.

Organized by China International Investment Promotion Agency (Germany), the German office of China's Ministry of Commerce, the itinerary features visits to major biomedical industry bases and enterprises in China, allowing German companies to gain firsthand insights into the country's latest products, technological advancements and innovative practices in the biomedical industry.

Additionally, project matchmaking and promotional events have been arranged as  vital parts of the tour. At a project matchmaking meeting held on Thursday and attended by officials from China Council for International Investment Promotion, the General Administration of Customs and the National Medical Products Administration, representatives from local authorities and medical organizations such as China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Medicines and Health Products, engaged in discussions on cross-border industry platforms, policy frameworks, investment opportunities, and collaborative research initiatives.

In an interview with CGTN, members of the delegation expressed their confidence in and optimism about the Chinese market, and shared their perspectives on the opportunities for bilateral cooperation within the sector.

In the realm of biomedicine and health, China and Germany enjoy extensive opportunities for collaboration, by bringing their unique strengths to the table. China is the world's largest producer of pharmaceutical ingredients, and the second largest market for biomedicine. With a slew of policies designed to advance high-quality development in the industry over recent years, China's research and development capabilities in the field have also seen a significant leap. Meanwhile, renowned as the "world's pharmacy", and a leading pharmaceutical market in Europe and across the world, Germany is celebrated for its longstanding advantages in pharmaceutical innovations and technologies.

Initiatives such as these visits are poised to further enhance bilateral investment by providing a platform for German biomedical companies to gain insights into the Chinese market and economy, and foster direct communication with their Chinese counterparts. A closer partnership between the two countries is also expected to bring a more promising future for biomedical innovation on a global scale, contributing to advancing healthcare solutions, tackling global health challenges, and stimulating economic growth.

By Sun Shangyi