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Harvesting contacts to link up worldwide food chain at CIIE Release date: 2023-11-15    Source:China Daily

Cargill will continue to invest in China, connecting it with the global food supply chain and supporting green, sustainable agriculture, said Guan Huili, president of Cargill China, during the sixth China International Import Expo.

The food and agricultural giant, based in the United States, has participated in the expo for six consecutive years and sealed deals with Chinese enterprises worth more than $11.1 billion during the previous five sessions.

Focusing on innovation and sustainability, it exhibited diverse products and technologies at its booth this year, ranging from food, and animal nutrition and health to beauty and personal care. Visitors to the booth enjoyed a variety of drinks made by Cargill.

In addition, the company introduced innovative and sustainable solutions at the CIIE, including its Sustainable Ingredient Assessment System and Agriness, a digital management service for the pig industry.

"Cargill has different operations. The CIIE offers us an effective platform to demonstrate who we are and what we are doing in the Chinese market," Guan said.

Guan added that they had joined in promotional events hosted by the CIIE and media outlets during the previous years, which raised public awareness of their brand and products.

"Meanwhile, it is a great place to meet with key stakeholders and learn about industrial trends and consumer preferences, so that we can mobilize our global resources to better serve the Chinese market and promote sustainable agricultural development in China," she said.

Cargill also formed a partnership with the China Development Research Foundation during this year's expo to launch a regenerative agricultural research project together. The yearlong project is designed to foster the green development of Chinese agriculture and support the country's carbon neutrality objectives, according to the company.

Cargill has always been a trusted partner of China to vitalize rural areas and develop sustainable agriculture, Guan said. "We are not only contributing global expertise to the country's food and agriculture industry through investment, but collaborating with the government and other stakeholders to help to promote rural prosperity."

The ANH Livestock Farmers Training Project, initiated by Cargill and the China Agricultural Science and Education Foundation at the 2022 CIIE, concluded in August. The project has provided training courses to more than 1,300 farmers and scholarships to 89 college students, Cargill said.

Since entering the Chinese market in 1971, the company has constantly increased its investment and established some 50 operations across the country.

Guan emphasized that China is a strategic market in Cargill's global business due to its large population, expanding middle class and urbanization, and the increasing demand for food and agricultural products.

"Our growth in China is bolstered by the business-friendly environment created by governments at various levels in China," Guan said.

By Zhang Linwan