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Event offers new opportunities for Brazilian supplier Release date: 2023-11-15    Source:China Daily

JBS, one of the largest protein-based food suppliers in the world, is looking forward to exploring new opportunities with Chinese partners through the China International Import Expo and creating a win-win situation together, said Danilo Escobar Izeli, president of Asia at JBS Seara during the sixth China International Import Expo.

With a history of 70 years, the Brazilian multinational group has developed a diversified product portfolio, ranging from fresh and frozen meats to prepared meals.

This year marks the company's fifth time attendance at the CIIE. Its exhibits included a variety of dishes and baked goods made with meats from its brands such as Friboi, Swift, Seara and Pilgrim's, among others.

"The CIIE is a stage for foreign enterprises like ours to connect with the Chinese market and learn more about Chinese clients' needs as well as looking for new opportunities," Izeli said.

He emphasized that their main objectives in the CIIE are to highlight their premium, innovative and multi-protein portfolio, and foster and strengthen relationships with Chinese partners.

"JBS is keen to look for more partners in China and grow together with them," he said.

During the past sessions of the CIIE, the company had signed cooperation agreements with a number of Chinese enterprises such as Haoyue Group, a beef processing plant headquartered in Northeast China's Jilin province, and Freshippo, Alibaba's supermarket chain.

Since the first CIIE in 2018, JBS's business in China including bulk trade and retail of products has increased substantially, according to the company.

"From officials we met to partners we work with in China, everyone is working hard to bring the business forward. Even under challenging circumstances in recent years, we managed to grow in some business units," Izeli said.

Looking forward, Izeli expressed his optimism about the Chinese market.

China is a very important market for JBS and will continue to be, he said, adding that they are looking to invest more in the market.

"We would like to build a stable and sustainable business here in China while being a contributor to Chinese people's health and lifestyle," Izeli added.

According to him, JBS is planning to expand its retail business in China.

"To this end, we are reinforcing our premium, value-added brands with our value-added products from our global brands," Izeli said.

This year, JBS has stepped up investment in prepared foods, with its Seara factory in the federal state of Parana in Brazil, introducing two new sausage and bread series.

"We really hope to promote these new products and production lines globally including China," he said.

By Yuan Shenggao