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The 2nd China International Import Expo Handbook of Commonweal Performance Activities in the Central Square Release date: 2019-08-22



Program Solicitation

Program Selection


Stage Information

Admission Badge

Security and Reception

Contact Information 


The 2nd China International Import Expo (CIIE) will be held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) (NECC (Shanghai)) from 5 to 10 November, 2019. As the world’s first national level import-themed expo, the first CIIE in 2018 made a huge impact, which was a full demonstration of the great achievements China has made in facilitating the great strategic plan for the “Belt and Road” initiative with an open and inclusive attitude in the new era. Built on the success of the first edition, the 2nd CIIE features further expanded exhibition scale and richer activities forms, in anticipation of achieving greater success.

As an open cooperation platform for China to invite countries around the world to show their national image and engage in international trade, the CIIE is not only a product display platform for expanding imports, propelling global multilateral trade, and showing achievements of economic development, but also proves to be a diplomatic arena at home for enhancing friendly exchanges and cultural exchanges among countries and regions. 

During the first CIIE, an outdoor performance stage was set up in the Central Square, where theatrical performance teams from countries and regions including Russia, New Zealand, Venezuela, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa as well as Chinese provinces and municipalities such as Shaanxi and Hubei were invited to perform. Held throughout the exhibition period, the performance activities brought amazing artist programs with superior national and local characteristics in various forms of dance, vocal music, fashion show, intangible cultural heritage performance and more. It successfully welcomed foreign dignitaries, diplomatic envoys in China and provincial and municipal leaders to the performance scene, while attracting a great number of visitors to enjoy the performances, hence achieving excellent publicity and display effects.

The commonweal performance activities will continue to be launched in the Central Square for the 2nd CIIE in 2019, and collect programs from and send invitations to countries around the world as well as provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across China. Based on the continuation of art forms presented for the first edition, the activities this year focuses on the integration of intangible cultural heritage elements. In addition to promoting friendly exchanges among countries and regions with culture as a bond, it will highlight the spiritual core and quintessence of a community with shared future for mankind.

I. Program Solicitation

Programs are mainly collected in a way that the China International Import Expo Bureau (CIIEB) sends letters of collection to foreign embassies and consulates in China, representative offices in China and the secretariats of local trade missions across the country. In principle, official and specialized channel is available for connection and promotion of the task. After the embassies and consulates, representative offices and the secretariats of trade missions complete program solicitation and information aggregation, they should reply to the CIIEB before the deadline. Except for the above-mentioned organizations receiving the letters of collection, the CIIEB will not connect directly with performance teams or other third parties.

The types of programs collected include, but are not limited to, vocal music, dance, instrument performance, fashion show and others, and are required to show certain artistic appreciation and professionalism. The performance teams can be professional troupes or mass cultural groups. The applicants must be orchestrated with actual performance experience, and provided with necessary costumes, props and others.

Due to the commonweal nature, there is no commercial profit for the performances without tickets to be sold. Therefore, the performance teams must bear all the expenses such as transportation, accommodation, actor remuneration and props transport. The CIIEB will provide convenience for the selected performance teams at the site of the activities in terms of staff access, rehearsal and formal performance. At the same time, it will provide one-size-fits-all screens, lighting, sound systems and other equipment, other than reception conditions necessary for guests and audiences.


Collection deadline:

1. The secretariats of local trade missions shall submit the programs before July 31, 2019 (including the day).

2. The foreign embassies and consulates in China and the representative offices in China shall submit the programs before September 5, 2019 (including the day).

II. Program Selection

For the active applicants, the CIIEB will do its best to arrange all of them to go on stage if the schedule, venue and all other conditions are permitted, providing opportunities for countries and regions to demonstrate their national customs and cultural image at the CIIE as a high-end platform. Program providers and performance teams must follow the basic conditions as below:

1. The programs must comply with the relevant laws and regulations of China, and conform to the public order and good morals of society in China. The themes and conceptions should suit the overall atmosphere of the CIIE.

2. The programs should not involve any political, sensitive or other topics and contents that may be controversial.

3. The programs need to have certain artistic merit and appreciation (preference will be given to award-winning works or world-class, national level and other high-level intangible cultural heritage programs). Performers must have certain performance skills and experience.

4. The programs should have been orchestrated with experience in actual public performances.

5. There should be no high-risk components in the programs during performance. The use of dangerous items is not allowed, including but not limited to props that can produce open flames, fireworks, physical weapons, and sharp metal ware.

6. The programs are purely artistic and of commonweal nature so they shall not contain commercial promotional content. No commercial marketing or promotional processes should be set during the performance.

7. The duration of a single program should be controlled within 30 minutes in principle. In general, the selected programs are performed only once during the CIIE. If the performer intends to increase the number of performance, the CIIEB should be notified in advance so that it can take into consideration the arrangement at the discretion of the schedule.

After the initial collection, the submitting organizations should provide stamped program solicitation forms (original documents in paper and scanned documents by mail) to the CIIEB contact. The finally selected programs will be notified separately.

III. Approval

(1) Cultural approval

All selected programs are subject to the approval of the relevant administrative departments of the cultural performance industry. For programs that have been approved by the cultural departments ahead of time, a scanned copy or a photocopy of the approval documents issued by the relevant departments should be provided.

The program providers should provide video clips of the rehearsal or performance of the programs as well as videos and images (if any) to be played on the LED large screen at the performance site. In addition, they should also provide performers profile, performance schedule, program list and content introduction, including text introduction, performance form, artistic features, synopsis (if any), awards (if any), performance experience (where to perform before and in which competitions and events they have participated), and information on the inclusion on the list of intangible cultural heritage (only for intangible cultural heritage programs, including the time of their inclusion on the list of intangible cultural heritage and their level).

All programs can be officially performed at the CIIE only after getting the cultural approval. If a program needs to be reviewed in advance according to the requirements of the relevant departments, the performance team should render the cooperation. The CIIEB will schedule the pre-review time and arrange the venue and give a heads up.

(2) Approval from public security departments

In order to strengthen the safety management of large-scale mass activities, protect the lives and property of citizens, and maintain social order and public security, the public security departments have the right to approve the performance activities in advance in accordance with the Regulations on the Safety Management of Large-scale Mass Activities. The specific documents should be issued for approval, including but not limited to program performance application form, safety responsibility agreement and safety program. The approval process and document requirements will be announced after the relevant departments have made them clear, and the actual announcement will prevail. The performance teams should cooperate to offer such documents.

IV. Stage Information

Note: The following stage renderings and data are for reference only. If there is any adjustment, the final version or actual setting on site will prevail.

Foundation Plan of the Central Square Performance Area


Stage Renderings



Renderings of the Central Square Activity Area



Location Diagram of Activity Area


The performance stage in the Central Square for this year’s CIIE will be designed as a circular four-sided platform equipped with LED screens, lights, sound systems, microphones and other devices, as well as temporary makeup tent rooms in the surrounding area. It is recommended that each performance team makes planning and orchestration preparations in advance according to the stage conditions in combination with the characteristics of its own program, and prepare images to be displayed on the large screen, accompaniment music and others.

V. Admission Badge

The CIIEB will provide admission badges free of charge to the cast members who need to work at the CIIE site. The performance teams are required to provide true, complete and standards-compliant information on the registration personnel. If there are items such as costumes and props that need to be carried by personnel or transported by the vehicle, please put the relevant information all together and report it to the contact person of the CIIEB.

The information requirements, material criteria and deadline for the admission badges will be further announced in accordance with the progress of security preparations. The security of the CIIE features high standard and strict check in admission. Please be sure to prepare the registration information in advance and declare it in time.

VI. Security and Reception

At the scene of the performance activities, the public security organ will set up security areas and station police officers to maintain order. The police have the power to enforce, decide and dispose of security matters. The performance teams must cooperate to obey the decisions made by the police for necessary security considerations.

If state leaders, high-level government officials, diplomatic envoys in China, important guests, celebrities and alike will be invited to watch the performances, the police and the CIIE must be informed in advance so as to do a good job in security and reception arrangements.

If there is any interaction with the audience during the performance, the police and the CIIE should be notified ahead of time. In principle, the performers should follow the established orchestration and form during their performance. They should not add impromptu content at will, or engage in interactive behaviors that may lead to crowding, including but not limited to handing out gifts and leaving the stage and performing in the audience area.

Since the venue is in the open air, if the performances cannot be started as scheduled due to weather conditions, or security cannot be ensured, the CIIEB will do its best to coordinate to delay or adjust the performance time, and the performance teams should do their part. If the activities cannot be successfully carried out in the end, the CIIEB hopes to get the understanding from the performance teams.

VII. Contact Information 

1. CIIEB Contact:

Name: Wang YiTel: +86 021-67008854

E-mail: wangyi@sinoexpo.ccPhone: +86 18101893192

Add: Room 720, Building A, No. 333, Songze Avenue, Qingpu District, Shanghai, 201702, China

2. Contact of Performances in the Central Square for the CIIE (Volunteer): 

Name: Chang LiTel: +86 021-67008661

E-mail: changli@sinoexpo.ccPhone: +86 13071909695

Add: Room 720, Building A, No. 333, Songze Avenue, Qingpu District, Shanghai, 201702, China

Note: If the relevant documents need to be sent by express or mail, please be sure to contact me in advance. Any documents sent by express or mail without prior notice will not be received.