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Notice for Registrated Guests of the Second Hongqiao International Economic Forum(Kind Reminder Included) Release date: 2019-11-01

Distinguished Participants,

Thank you for participating the 2nd China International Import Expo and the 2nd Hongqiao International Economic Forum held at the China National Convention Center (Shanghai) on November 5, 2019. To facilitate your participation, please read the following IMPORTANT information regarding the Opening Ceremony and the Parallel Sessions.

1.  Venue: China National Convention Center (Shanghai) (shuttle bus provided at the car park P20)

2.  Time: morning (Opening Ceremony/main forum) and afternoon (Parallel Sessions) on November 5, 2019.

3.  Entry and Dismissal Process: Go to the car park P20 outside the Convention and Exhibition Center → Security check at the car park P20 → Shuttle bus to the venue → ID verification at the entrance → Enter the venue for the conference → Move to the P20 pick-up point after the conference → Shuttle bus back to P20 → Return by car or other transportations.

4.  Security Check Location: Car park P20.

Navigation address: Intersection of Ninghong Road and Shenkun Road. (The entrance to the car park is on Shenkun Road Only.)

5.  Security Check Time: 

Morning security check for the Opening Ceremony is from 06:00 to 06:45 am, November 5. 

Afternoon security check time for the Parallel Sessions is from 12:30 to 13:30, November 5.

For participants who depart from:

Minhang, Changning, Putuo, Qingpu, Songjiang, Jiading, Xuhui, Jing’an Districts, it is recommended that you depart at 05:15 am to P20 for connection to the Opening Ceremony venue; depart at 11:50 noon to P20 for connection to the Parallel Sessions.

Participants from Huangpu, Yangpu and Hongkou Districts depart at 05:20 am in the morning; and then depart at 11:20 noon.

Participants from Pudong New District and Baoshan District depart at 04:45 am in the morning; and then depart at 11:00 noon.

6.  Documents required for participation: 1) Guest ID Certificate; 2) Invitation Letter (required for attending the Opening Ceremony); 3) Sign-in Card. (Note: Please be sure to bring the required documents, otherwise you will not be able to attend the conference.)

> About the car park P20. Address: Intersection of Ninghong Road and Shenkun Road in Minhang District, Shanghai (self-driving entrance) /Intersection of Ninghong Road and Qixing Road (shuttle bus exit). Participants do not need a car ID and can drive by car (to save parking time, it is recommended to take a taxi or a private car) to arrive the car park P20, and then enter the security area for security check.

> About security check and connection. There will be a special area set at the car park P20 for pre-entry security check for the guests attending the Opening Ceremony and the Parallel Sessions. Please follow the instructions of the on-site staff to accept the security check. On-site staff will guide participants to complete the security check in order, take the designated shuttle bus to the venue along the designated route (the drive takes about 10-12 minutes). (Note: The shuttle bus does not stop, load or unload passengers on the way. Otherwise, the bus must return to the security checkpoint, where all passengers must receive security check all over again.)

> About the dismissal and connection. After the Opening Ceremony and/or the Parallel Sessions, please follow the staff’s instructions to the lunch venue or the shuttle bus stop. The Opening Ceremony lunch venue is located in the EH (East Hall) of the Convention and Exhibition Center. The lunch time is 11:30-13:45. The shuttle bus stop is located on the 0m floor of the EH. Please take the escalator at the entrance of the EH down to the 0m floor, return to the car park P20 by the shuttle bus in front of the “car park P20 connection point” sign.

> Return time to the car park P20 by the shuttle bus. After the Opening Ceremony, there will be shuttle buses arranged every 15 minutes during 11:30-13:00, and the shuttle service will stop after the connection time. After the Parallel Sessions, there will be shuttle buses arranged every 10 minutes or when the capacity is full during 17:00-18:30, and the shuttle service will stop after the connection time.

We wish you very success with your participation!

Kind Reminder

1.  Shuttle Bus Considerations

The shuttle bus you are taking is a floating vehicle. Please be sure to take all of your belongs with you when getting off the bus.

2.  Security Considerations

Please take care of your personal belongings during the conference, and do not carry non-essential items to avoid unnecessary troubles during the security check. Prohibited items are not allowed and will be handed over to the Organizing Committee immediately upon discovery.

3.  Transportation Information of the Security Checkpoint

Entrance and Exit of P20 


Recommended Route 1: By Yan’an Overpass

Recommended Route 2: By North-South Overpass

Other Reminders:

(1) Considering a big temperature difference between morning and evening, please dress appropriately to the weather.

(2)  For any problems that occur at the scene, please contact the conference volunteers or the staff of the Organizing Committee in time.