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Announcement on the Start of the Registration Work of the Business Exhibition of the Fourth CIIE Release date: 2020-09-28    Source:China International Import Expo Bureau

All relevant overseas enterprises (organizations),

The CIIE official website will begin to accept registrations for the Business Exhibition of the Fourth CIIE on September 28 of Beijing Time.

Enterprises (organizations) that register for the CIIE for the first time can register for accounts on the CIIE official website through submitting both the information of the enterprise (organization) and registration information. If your registration information passes review, our staff will contact you. Enterprises (organizations) that have registered for the Third CIIE can log on to the existing account to submit registration information for the Fourth CIIE, or contact our staff directly to register.

Please pay special attention to the fact that the Business Exhibition of the Fourth CIIE only accepts legal corporate enterprises registered outside the customs areas of the People’s Republic of China (referred to as overseas for short, including Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR, and Taiwan). Only products produced overseas or service products provided from overseas can be accepted for the exhibition.

The Fourth CIIE consists of six exhibition areas: Intelligent Industry & Information Technology Area, Consumer Goods Area, Food & Agricultural Products Area, Medical Equipment & Healthcare Products Area, Automobiles Area, and Area of Trade in Services.

Entry to the registration page:

Tel.: +86-21-67008870/67008988

Thank you for your support and participation!


China International Import Expo Bureau

September 28, 2020