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CIIE Bureau offers advertising space to 6th CIIE exhibitors Release date: 2022-09-20    Source:China International Import Expo Bureau

Exhibitors or overseas exhibitor organizers who reserve custom-built booths for the 2023 edition of the China International Import Expo before Oct 15, 2022 will be offered advertising space during the fifth CIIE this year, according to a notice issued by the CIIE Bureau on Sept 17.

Exhibitors that book booths smaller than 500 square meters will each receive one advertising spot, while those with booths that are larger will receive two spots. They can choose where they want their advertisements to appear in the order they sign agreements.

More details will also be given when exhibitors sign their agreements.

Expo organizers have the right to make adjustments to the location and size of advertisements as needed.

The final interpretation of the above-mentioned policies is at the sole discretion of the CIIE Bureau.