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Instructions on Pandemic Prevention for Exhibitors and Participants of the 5th China International Import Expo Release date: 2022-10-17

In order to maintain order in the pandemic prevention and control of the 5th China International Import Expo and ensure the smooth convening of the 5th China International Import Expo, the pandemic prevention instructions for exhibitors and participants (hereinafter referred to as the “personnel”) have been hereby formulated.

I. Before Arriving in Shanghai

i. Basic Requirements

1. All personnel are required to take at least one nucleic acid test within 48 hours before arriving in Shanghai and obtain a valid negative nucleic acid test certificate.

2. Personnel entering China from abroad should complete the “7-day centralized quarantine and medical observation + 3-day home health monitoring” and corresponding nucleic acid tests as required. Then they can participate in the exhibition if the results are all normal.

3. Participation is prohibited under any of the following circumstances:

(1) Within 10 days before entering exhibition areas, the personnel has lived in or travelled to the counties (cities, districts and banners) where the domestic high, medium and low-risk areas of the pandemic are located;

(2) Within 10 days before entering exhibition areas, the personnel has lived in or travelled to the counties (cities, districts and banners) where other domestic pandemic areas (where risk areas have not been defined or regional static management measures have not been taken) are located.

4. Those who have lived in prefecture-level cities where domestic pandemic risk areas are located within 10 days before entering exhibition areas should not attend the exhibition unless it is necessary. If it is necessary to attend the expo due to work, the following conditions shall be met simultaneously:

(1) The personnel should hold a health certificate issued by the pandemic prevention and control department of the prefecture-level city or above and come to Shanghai three days in advance;

(2) Upon arrival in Shanghai, the personnel should take nucleic acid tests daily. All test results should be negative, and there are no abnormal symptoms.

(3) The case is approved by the organizer of the 5th CIIE.

ii. Vaccination Requirements

1. Two weeks before entering exhibition areas, all personnel (except special guests) must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Eligible personnel are required to complete booster immunizations.

2. Those who fail to complete the full vaccination or take the booster shot of the COVID-19 vaccine due to contraindications or other reasons should strictly follow the following approval procedures if they are really required to attend the expo due to work requirements:

(1) The applicant shall submit the application by himself/herself and attach the relevant certification materials or the relevant medical records of medical institutions;

(2) The unit of the individual or the inviter, the dispatcher, the group organizer, etc., shall fully review and confirm the relevant information and the necessity of participating in the expo;

(3) According to the original invitation channel, the individual’s unit shall submit to the China International Import Expo Bureau, the secretariat of the Organizing Committee and other units for the record, and the above units shall report to the China International Import Expo Bureau and the Shanghai Public Security Bureau to activate the corresponding passage authority.

II. Upon Arrival in Shanghai

i. Nucleic Acid Test Requirements

1. The requirement of a “landing test” is strictly implemented. All visitors from other provinces and cities should take a nucleic acid test within 24 hours upon arrival in Shanghai.

2. The requirement of “two tests in three days” is strictly implemented. All personnel should take at least two nucleic acid tests (at least 24 hours apart) within three days before entering exhibition areas for the first time.

ii. Basic Requirements for Activating the Certificate

On the basis of meeting the security requirements, all personnel can activate their certificates only after strictly implementing the basic requirements of pandemic prevention and control, the “landing test” and “two tests in three days”, and completing the following health information declaration as required.

1. Complete Shanghai QR code application and registration at least 48 hours in advance.

2. Provide accurate and complete health information in the CIIE Health Information Collection System (access through the CIIE official APP, the home page of the WeChat Mini Program or the certificate registration system, hereinafter referred to as the “Health Information Collection System”) within 48 hours before entering exhibition areas for the first time, and fulfill personal commitments. The contents mainly include (see Health Information Collection System for details):

(1) Fill in the travel history within 10 days before entering exhibition areas for the first time, such as usual residence, workplace, and residence in Shanghai;

(2) Upload a valid negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours;

(3) Upload COVID-19 vaccination records (those eligible for booster vaccination need to have a corresponding record);

(4) Fulfill the self-health commitment, including past infection history, strict health management, daily self-temperature measurement, and whether you have any abnormal symptoms.

If any of the above information submitted is missing or untrue after verification, the personnel’s credentials will not be activated and the personnel will not be able to enter exhibition areas.

iii. Health Management Requirements

1. Self-health monitoring should be carried out on a daily basis, and relevant information should be actively reported to the “Health Information Collection System”.

2. If you have a fever, cough, sore throat and other symptoms, you should immediately report to the liaison personnel for pandemic prevention and control of your unit and go to the designated hospitals for treatment and screening in time as required.

3. Liaison personnel for pandemic prevention and control of all units should provide daily “zero fever report”.

4. All personnel should pay attention to personal protection, avoid going to public places where people gather, and never participate in gathering activities unless it is necessary.

iv. Management Requirements for Staying in Shanghai

1. From seven days before entering exhibition areas for the first time, as well as during the expo, all personnel should consciously implement the relative closed-loop management requirements of “residence place - workplace” and “residence place - exhibition area”.

2. The personnel from domestic provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) with local pandemic risk areas should stay in special hotels designated by the organizing committee upon arrival in Shanghai as required.

III. During the Expo

i. Requirements in Exhibition Areas

1. When entering exhibition areas for the first time each day, all personnel should have a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 24 hours.

2. All participants at the opening ceremony should follow the relevant requirements for pandemic prevention and control at the opening ceremony.

3. All personnel must wear N95/KN95 particulate matter protective masks when entering exhibition areas and exhibition halls, pay attention to hand hygiene and personal protection, and pay attention to maintain safe social distancing from others at all times and avoid gatherings of people as much as possible.

4. If the personnel has a body temperature ≥37.3℃ or has suspected symptoms of COVID-19, he/she should actively cooperate with on-site staff and accept epidemiological investigation and corresponding treatment. He/she cannot enter exhibition areas anymore without a clear diagnosis.

ii. Catering and Food Management Requirements

1. All personnel should scan “Venue Code” or “Digital Sentinel” when entering the special dining area and common dining area.

2. All personnel shall not eat in the exhibition area.

3. All personnel should make an appointment before entering the booth where food/drink tasting is provided. When entering, the corresponding “Venue Code” or “Digital Sentinel” should be scanned to ensure the information leaves traces. When waiting in line, all personnel should consciously maintain the spacing of the queue.

4. Imported frozen fresh food is not retailed in exhibition areas. Eating frozen fresh food without “cooked processing” is not allowed.

IV. When Leaving Shanghai

All personnel who want to leave Shanghai must present a negative nucleic acid test certificate valid within 48 hours when leaving Shanghai.

V. Requirements for Pandemic Prevention and Control Management

All units should earnestly fulfill the main responsibility of pandemic prevention and control and identify the leaders and full-time liaison personnel in charge of pandemic prevention and control. The main responsibilities include but are not limited to:

1. Be responsible for communicating with China International Import Expo Bureau, NECC and other relevant departments and units, timely understanding and updating the pandemic prevention and control requirements of CIIE;

2. Fully grasp the list of personnel and core health information (such as nucleic acid test, vaccine, and travel history) of the unit, organization and group, and urge all personnel to implement the requirements of registration, health information declaration, self-health monitoring and nucleic acid testing as required;

3. Be responsible for informing and urging subordinate personnel to strictly comply with the requirements of pandemic prevention and control and personal protection of CIIE and clarifying the importance of complying with the requirements of pandemic prevention and control as well as the consequences of violation (including legal liabilities);

4. Be responsible for coordinating with prevention and control departments to perform well in pandemic emergency response, taking the initiative to provide relevant information and materials for emergency response requirements, coordinating and urging relevant personnel to cooperate with the completion of epidemiological investigation, health management, etc.

VI. Legal Liabilities

All personnel should wholly and truthfully fill in the relevant information in the “Health Information Acquisition System” as required.

Anyone who has an untrue or false commitment, concealing medical history, concealing travel history and contact history, taking medicine to conceal symptoms, concealing or omitting health status, evading pandemic prevention measures, etc., will be prohibited from entering exhibition areas once found. If serious consequences are caused, relevant responsibilities will be investigated in accordance with laws and regulations.

VII. Dynamic Adjustments

The pandemic prevention and control measures and requirements of the CIIE will be dynamically adjusted in accordance with the deployment and requirements of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council and the real-time situation of COVID-19 prevention and control in Shanghai, at home and abroad.

Relevant information will be released through official channels such as “Shanghai Release” and the official website of CIIE timely.