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Registration for Guests Attending the Parallel Sessions of the 6th Hongqiao International Economic Forum Officially Begins Release date: 2023-09-12    Source:China International Import Expo Bureau

On September 12, the registration for guests attending the parallel sessions of the 6th Hongqiao International Economic Forum (The Hongqiao Forum) will be officially started. Guests are required to complete the registration online and obtain relevant credentials before attending the parallel sessions.

I. Introduction to the 6th Hongqiao Forum

The Hongqiao Forum is an important component of the China International Import Expo (CIIE). The theme of the 6th Hongqiao Forum is "Joining Hands in Development, Opening Up for the Future". In addition to the main forum (the opening ceremony of the CIIE and Hongqiao Forum), there will be "Investing in China Year" summit-related activities, the Release and International Symposium on World Openness Report 2023 (featuring the latest World Openness Index), as well as several parallel sessions under the themes of "Opening-up for Development", "Opening-up for Cooperation", "Opening-up for Innovation", and "Opening-up for Sharing".

II. Guests to be Invited

Guests from relevant sectors covered by the themes of parallel sessions are invited to register. They include relevant personnel from enterprises, academic research institutions, think tanks, social organizations and government agencies, etc. All registered guests are required to attend in person.

III. Registration Process

1. Enter the Hongqiao Forum registration system (

2. Click on "New User Registration" or use previous account login credentials.

3. Complete the registration information and make the payment. The deadline for information submission is October 17, and the payment deadline is October 21.

4. Based on the review results, participants will either proceed to credential issuance or the refund.

IV. Charging Standards and Payment Methods

The registration fee for parallel sessions is 15,000 RMB per person or 2,250 USD per person, excluding currency exchange fees. After obtaining the credentials, registered guests can attend relevant parallel sessions and visit the exhibitions at the CIIE. Participants should make payments through the registration system or transfer funds to the designated account of the Hongqiao Forum Secretariat and upload the payment receipt. Personal expenses during the conference will be borne by guests themselves.

*The Hongqiao Forum Secretariat reserves the right of final interpretation regarding the final list of participants.

Consultation Tel: 021-39796237 (Ms. Xu); 021-968888 (CIIE Hotline)


Frequently Asked Questions for Registration of the Parallel Sessions of the 6th Hongqiao International Economic Forum

I. After the registration, how can the participants check the progress?

Answer: After submitting the registration information, progress updates will be sent via SMS. Registered participants can also log in to the registration website ( to check the progress.

II. Does registration and payment guarantee the eligibility to parallel sessions?

Answer: After filling in the information as required, uploading ID photos, and submitting the required information, the information will undergo preliminary verification. Upon successful verification, payment must be completed, and will be followed by the issuance of credentials. Participants can attend the parallel sessions after receiving their credentials.

III. After providing their information, what else should participants do?

Answer: The CIIE staff will conduct preliminary verification of the submitted information. After preliminary verification, notifications will be sent via SMS to participants whose information has been verified successfully. The participants should then make the required payments, after which security verification will be conducted before credentials are issued.

IV. When is the deadline for participant registration?

Answer: Registration to the parallel sessions of the 6th Hongqiao International Economic Forum should be done online. The deadline for online registration information submission is October 17, 2023, 24:00 Beijing time, and the deadline for transferring funds and uploading receipts is October 21, 2023, 24:00 Beijing time. Please register and make payments in a timely manner on the official CIIE Hongqiao Forum registration system (

V. How to obtain the entry credentials?

Answer: Participants can collect their entry credentials in person by presenting their ID or by appointing someone else to do so. Specific dates, locations, and detailed requirements will be notified via SMS.

VI. After making the payment, how can a participant get an invoice?

Answer: After making the payment, participants can upload their payment receipts on the “Payment” page of the registration system. After financial verification, participant representatives will be notified via SMS to apply for invoices online.

VII. Can participant representative information be modified in the registration system after submission?

Answer: Once participant information is submitted, it cannot be modified by the participants. Please make sure that you fill in the information accurately. If modifications are necessary, please contact the Hongqiao Forum Secretariat via email or phone. Email:, Tel: 021-39796237 (Ms. Xu).