With 80 days to go, Shanghai Party Secretary calls to host a top international expo at full stretch Release date:2018-09-17

With 80 days to go until the start of the first China International Import Expo (CIIE), the urban security leadership group for the CIIE convened a meeting on Aug 16 to further implement the spirit of the mobilization conference marking the 100-day countdown to the opening of the expo, and to make great efforts in all service and security work.


Shanghai Party Secretary Li Qiang, also head of the CIIE urban security leadership group, chaired the meeting and stressed that in the immediate lead-up to the CIIE, the whole city should implement the spirit of General Secretary of CPC Central Committee Xi Jinping’s instructions, build up the concept of a holistic approach, exhibit an attitude of accountability, make persistent efforts and strive for excellence. Everyone should go all out in the effort of hosting a top international expo.

Further strengthen coordination and cooperation to create a great synergy


Li pointed out that the CIIE is only 80 days away, and all preparatory work has entered the model of fieldwork featuring high standards, a quick tempo and tight operations. The whole city should step up coordination and cooperation to create a great synergy.

Li said that the leadership group and the on-site headquarters should embody better coordination and higher efficiency. Back-scheduling should be adopted with every 10 days as a time node to check the progress of all work. All departments concerned should adhere strictly to the assignment book, timetable and operations map, to break down each task and clear specific duties to specific persons, to ensure that the targets should be completed in due time.

Stay committed to solving problems, focus on prominent problems, identify leading departments and strengthen accountability

Li stressed that all those concerned should stay committed to solving problems, focus on prominent problems, identify leading departments and strengthen accountability. Efforts should be made to come up with targeted solutions.

With regard to the expo’s service guarantee, considering all parties including exhibitors, purchasers and ordinary visitors, concentrated and diversified services are needed. Services both inside and outside of the exhibition halls, online and offline, as well as pre-exhibition, during-the-exhibition and post-exhibition should be provided to create a first-class experience for participants and audiences.

With regard to the urban service guarantee, the “hardware” projects including venue renovation, support roads and city appearance and landscape should be completed on time and in good quality.

As for the “software” of domestic and foreign guest reception, accommodation and tours, publicity and promotion as well as volunteer services, efforts should be made in the details to give full play to the quality and efficiency of “Shanghai Service”.

Big data and artificial intelligence should be made full use of to make large passenger flow predictions and analyses so as to organize targeted transport, and scientifically plan the routes of passenger flows as well as the logistics into and out of the exhibition halls.

With regard to security, all concerned departments should stay alert to security and adhere to a high standards and strict requirements to focus on key areas and tasks, strengthen security measures, intensify actual combat drills, enhance social prevention and control, and close loopholes to forestall risks, firmly sticking to the bottom line for security and ensuring social harmony and stability.

The information transfer and sharing mechanism should be further intensified, so that staff on the front line can achieve information convergence, integration and processing.

Mobilize the whole city to perform all urban service guarantee work


Ying Yong, deputy party secretary, mayor of Shanghai and head of the CIIE urban security leadership group makes a speech at the meeting.

Ying Yong pointed out that all people should implement the spirit of the important guidelines of President Xi Jinping and mobilize the whole city to perform all urban service guarantee work.

Energy should be more concentrated, and the main leaders of all the departments, all the districts and all the units should play a leading role by staying on the frontline and functioning highly and efficiently, focusing on discovering and solving problems.

More efforts should be put in to further solidify the on-site headquarters, and give full play to the function of leading and coordination.

Supporting policies should be pushed to take effect, and measures should be refined and fulfilled to make the CIIE a top international expo.


The meeting is also attended by Zhou Bo, executive deputy head of the CIIE urban security leadership group, as well as Zhuge Yujie, Wu Qing, Xu Kunlin and Gong Daoan, all of whom are deputy heads of the group. People from the office of the group and some member units also report on their related work at the meeting.