Group Purchasing Demand

This is a sub-category information publishing platform
to facilitate global sellers to see the procurement needs of trading groups.

Food and Agricultural Products

Beverage and alcohol,snack food, sweets, condiments,dairy products,vegetables, fruits and agricultural productsmeat, aquatic products and frozen foodorganic food,pre-packaged food,comprehensive food, etc.

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Vehicles, automotive parts and components, automotive electronics, automotive supporting products and maintenance supplies, new energy automotive products and technologies, smart mobility,automotive driving products and technologies, vintage cars,car racing events, etc.

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Intelligent Industry & Information Technology

Materials processing & molding equipment, industrial finished products, engineering machinery, industrial machinery, industrial parts,industrial automation,digital information,integrated circuit & semiconductor,industrial solutions,energy & energy solutions,environmental protection equipment,green technology,etc.

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Consumer Goods

cosmetics and personal care products,smart domestic appliance and household goods, fashion and jewellery,, sports products and events, etc.

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Medical Equipment & Healthcare Products

Drugs, medical devices, old-age rehabilitation and ancillary products, dietary supplements, health care, medical cosmetology, healthtourism, medical technology and services, etc.

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Trade in Services

Trade in productive services:Includingfinancial services (banking, insurance, asset management, etc.), logistics services, information technology services, inspection and testing services, integrated services, supply chain management,etc. Trade in life services: including services in culture, tourism, education, entertainment and sports,etc.

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