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Trade between China and Latin America has fully recovered, exceeding pre-pandemic levels: MOFCOM

Trade between China and Latin America has fully recovered and exceeded pre-pandemic levels, Shu Jueting, the spokesperson from the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) said on Thursday, highlighting that economic and trade cooperation is the "ballast and stabilizer" of the relationship between China and Latin American countries.


Chilean products embark on an upward trajectory in Chinese market, modeling win-win cooperation between deve...

For more than half a century, the China-Chile relationship has been a pioneer in China's relations with Latin American and Caribbean countries, setting a prime example for win-win cooperation between developing countries.


BRI cooperation creates new opportunities for Thailand's durian farmers

Panumas Plabyindee is busy arranging fruit pickers to collect durians from his farm in Thailand's Chanthaburi Province, most of which will be sent to China's western regions via cargo train after processing.


Vietnamese seafood exports to China are surging prior to Chinese New Year

Vietnam's exports of aquatic products such as lobsters and pangasius to China, the major destination market, are reaching new highs this year as producers and traders prepare for the upcoming Chinese New Year.


China to grant zero-tariff treatment to 98% of imports from Uganda

Ninety-eight percent of Ugandan goods will, starting Dec 1, access the Chinese market at zero tariff, officials said Friday.


"Grow with the show": U.S. firms tap into China's import expo

American companies are pleased with the results of participation in the China International Import Expo (CIIE) and want to grow with the expo, said the U.S.-China Business Council President Craig Allen on Sunday.


Multinational execs praise CIIE address (I)

The remarks from the opening ceremony show us the confidence and responsibility of a more open China and demonstrate the honest efforts that China is making to open up.


Multinational execs praise CIIE address (II)

We are deeply inspired by the remarks of the president and are encouraged by China's resolution and actions to promote high-level opening up and to work together with the international community to create a better future for mankind.


Malaysian exhibitors eye greater market access through CIIE

The upcoming China International Import Expo (CIIE) is an ideal platform for a variety of participating businesses from around the world to tap into China's vast consumer market.