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Croatian experts speak highly of China's foreign trade performance

Croatian experts spoke highly of China's foreign trade performance, as China's official data on Thursday showed that in the first five months of 2022, the country's foreign trade volume gained 8.3 percent year on year to 16.04 trillion yuan (2.51 trillion U.S. dollars), outpacing the 7.9-percent growth in the January-April period.


Unified market to also open doors for foreign firms

The central authorities' recent official document to accelerate the construction of a national unified market said it is necessary to expedite the establishment of a unified national market system and rules.


Shopping event fosters Sino-African trade ties

Between April 28 and Thursday, the biggest shopping promotion for African goods in China took place, bringing together 300 e-commerce platforms, over 1 million traders and product portfolios in excess of 100,000 brands.


China still attractive for foreign capital

The high consumption potential, well-developed infrastructure, logistics network, industrial division of labor system and improved business environment have given the country comprehensive competitive advantage.


China's economy remains resilient despite downward pressure, says Singapore scholar

China's economy remains resilient and possesses healthy developmental fundamentals despite the current downward pressure, said Yu Hong, a senior research fellow at the East Asian Institute of the National University of Singapore.


Overseas experts, business leaders see strong resilience in China's economy

Newly-released economic data for the first quarter of this year show that China's economy remains stable despite downward pressure.


China's economy has huge potential, says U.S. scholar

China's economy continues to have massive growth potential, a U.S. scholar has said.


Foreign companies expected to remain in China: World Bank official

Despite the possibility that foreign direct investment may not keep the same level as last year, the long-term trend is that companies here for the Chinese market continue to be here, said a World Bank official.


Upgraded China-New Zealand FTA to bring brighter shared future: ambassador

Chinese Ambassador to New Zealand Wang Xiaolong has said the upgraded Free Trade Agreement (FTA) will bring a brighter shared future to both countries.