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CIIE holds investment promotion fair in Liaoning

The CIIE Bureau and the Department of Commerce of Liaoning Province held the CIIE Exhibitors Trade and Economic Cooperation Conference in Shenyang, the capital of Liaoning, on Nov 18.


My CIIE Story | Wei Hua: Expo expands Swarovski's presence in China

Swarovski has been in the Chinese market for decades, and it has since 2020 participated in the CIIE for three consecutive years.


My CIIE Story | Lu Yining: I provided reliable financial services to expo

It is amazing knowing that the Bank of China has supported the CIIE for five consecutive years.


Meeting with EU companies held during fifth CIIE

The "European Union Companies in CIIE" round-table conference was held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai), the venue for the annual China International Import Expo, on Nov 9.


My CIIE Story • Great Opportunity | ITC aids SMEs in entering Chinese market

As the official partner of the China International Import Expo and the only international organization specialized in the development of small and medium-sized enterprises under the United Nations, the International Trade Center (ITC) has supported the participation of SMEs from developing countries in CIIE for five consecutive years.


My CIIE Story • Great Opportunity | My deep relations' with CIIE

The China International Import Expo connects my life with both China and Serbia, two countries that are located thousands of miles apart.


My CIIE Story • Great Opportunity | Expo offers a starting point for Warmpaca

I am one of the founders of Warmpaca, a Peruvian alpaca stuffed toy brand that was registered in 2018 to attend the inaugural edition of the CIIE.


My CIIE Story • Great Opportunity | Expo brings China, Fiji closer

Fiji is an 18,000-square-kilometer island country in the South Pacific and has a population of about 900,000.